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This unique taste (courtesy of BBC Radio) of the brilliant pairing between memotone & Soosh for their upcoming album Memoosh due out September 30th, off PROJECT MOONCIRCLE. Featured here, “Roofwalker”, captivated us with an electric, circumvolving, cadence while daydreams of whirling dervishes spin slowly in a neverending enchanted dance. Pre order now… this is sure to be something special.

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The Mysterious Universe podcast has the best bumper music of all the podcasts I listen to.


JAWZ is a 21 year old newcomer from Sydney, Australia, and he’s certainly impressed me thoroughly with his electronic productions. His latest track is a future garage remix of Full Crate x Mar’s Man X Woman, and its gratifyingly stunning from start to finish, carrying endless synthy shimmers and streaming with seductive fluidity. JAWZ is also brilliant when it comes to originals, just listen to Bare, from earlier this year, below. Its chill trap atmosphere reminds me of producers like dazzling Cashmere Cat and bubbly Wave Racer, both of whom I dig, tons.


Dinosaur Feathers Discovered in Canadian Amber

Today a group of paleontologists announced the results of an extensive study of several well-preserved dinosaur feathers encased in amber. Their work, which included samples from many stages in the evolution of feathers, bolstered the findings of other scientists who’ve suggested that dinosaurs (winged and otherwise) had multicolored and transparent feathers of the sort you might see on birds today. The researchers also presented evidence, based on the feathers’ pigmentation and structures, that today’s bird feathers could have evolved from dinosaur feathers.

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Late Cretaceous! It might be a Tyrannosaurid!

And if it is, I will own this piece of amber someday.


A silk-faced oiran doll. Oiran were Edo Period courtesans (and unfortunately, often indentured servants from impoverished families) who were trained in traditional Japanese arts, such as playing koto (a harp-like Japanese instrument), calligraphy, and the tea ceremony. They dressed in colorful, multilayered kimonos, brocade obis tied in front, and elaborate hairstyles with numerous hair ornaments. The most successful oiran were regarded as celebrities and were often the subjects of woodblock prints.


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