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Thank you to all who came to the debut of CLITERACY last night. It was seriously amazing to see the responses. Crowds around the wall laughing, pointing to laws, calling friends to look, camera phones out, one friend got goosebumps, and another cried. It was really something. Holy f****ng CLIT!

Cliteracy needs to be taught in all schools.

‘The earth is not the center of the universe and the penis is not the axis of sexuality’ gives me life

I don’t care about your penis blog 2k12

The world needs more Cliteracy for healthy sexuality

Cliteracy: Secret to a long lasting relationship.

All About Male Privilege: ((Sorry, I know you’re probably getting sick of all these “girl gamer”...


((Sorry, I know you’re probably getting sick of all these “girl gamer” related asks, but I just wanted to respond to something said earlier))

“I’ve noticed that a lot of gamers that are girls just call themselves Gamers. I’ve also noticed that “Gurl/Girl Gamers” are often girls posing with their…

Reblogged for relevancy.


Pinyang, Warrior Princess


The Sui Dynasty (589-618 A.D.) was not a high point in Chinese history. The first Sui emperor, Wen (541-604), did reunify China after nearly four centuries of internal discord but the second, Yang (596-618), left a lot to be desired. Yang, was as an overly-ambitious tyrant who (it is believed) gained the throne by poisoning his father, before embarking on a reign that would make him a figure of hatred across China.

Yang committed himself to massive construction projects, most notably the completion of the Grand Canal and reconstruction of the Great Wall. Both projects were bought and paid for in blood – the blood of six million peasantsto be more specific. Add to that Yang’s inept military forays into Korea and Vietnam and you might have some idea why the Chinese people hated him so much. To say that he was an unpopular would be a vast understatement.

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